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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Die blogging ler..

I've decided to blog again (i dont trust myself for sure)

right, and for that reason, ive changed to blogspot as friendster's blog sucks big time. last time i want to post the "10 MOST DELICIOUS,RARE,HARD TO MAKE KUEH IN KELANTAN" and the fs's blog keep making trouble uploading pics, so the blog had been posponed.....shite....now im back. really, seriously. and hey, ill be back to kl in a week, will struggle to keep this blog a live and post at least a piece of art each day. okay, once a week. even if i put 4 articles in a row a month oso count as once a week. and i dont give a damn if anyone die while reading my blog. and i dont care if my english is wrong, who cares? okay, rest assured that ill be back in a week, take care, jom