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Monday, March 17, 2008



Aight, okeh2, talking bout the simulated teaching that just ended today, im not that
satisfied with the marks, i got 25 out of 30. okay, its not that bad, but what makes it bad
is the cooperation from my classmates. When it comes to micro teaching, the classmates (24 of them) must be at the targetted level of students that the presenter is doing, eg. my targetted level of pupils is standard 2 primary semi urban average proficiency. And hey, what did they do??
they act like undergraduate students whose doing their degree in TEYL and have scored band 5 in their MUET test, what the heck? what? huh? of course i know that they can spell blacksmith straight away when looking at the pictures but why didnt you go through the instruction damn it! when they were presenting, they expect everyone in the class to be at their best behaviour but when others are presenting? fuck you retarded bitches! okay, so it seems like im blaming them for my low marks, but hey! its clearly stated in the comments by the lecturer, "Students seems to be out of control and didnt do the miming activity", hey, bullshit! i'm the 6th presenter and its already 1.30 in the afternoon, everyone is tired, hungry and sweating like hell, and hell yeah! its comfortable!!!

anyway, im satisfied with what ive done, and hey, we did a very good job on the props and costumes for the stupid "pupils". and ahh.....25/30, thats good enough for a lazy bump like me, hoho, okay, im off now, still have to do some linguistic task, talking bout those morphology and phonology, hehe, dont even what the heck are those, pape hal miskol, chow

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Start all over again yah

just finished my simulated teaching with my partner, also my gewe, this morning...
err....not that really satisfied with the marks...anyway, ill explain later, need to pump the iron at Fitness One first, da di da, chiow, papehal miskol